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Portable Diode Laser 808nm Hair Removal Machine

Portable Diode Laser 808nm Hair Removal Machine is a 808nm precision wavelength hair removal device using the most advanced micro channel laser technology. Thereby achieving the purpose of permanent hair removal. It is a portable machine casing that is more convenient for customers to carry and saves costs....

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Technical Principles

Portable Diode Laser 808nm Hair Removal Machine utilizes the principle of selective absorption of light, which is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. The hair follicles and hair shaft are rich in melanin. The melanin is distributed between the cells of the hair bulb matrix and can be transferred to the structure of the hair shaft. The laser can target melanin. The temperature of the hair follicle rises sharply, causing the hair follicle tissue to be destroyed, the hair nipple to shrink, and the hair to fall off, thereby achieving the purpose of permanent hair removal. 808nm semiconductor laser hair removal only works on hair follicle pigments, does not damage the surrounding normal skin tissue, and does not harm the human body.




Product Advantages

1.This machine's laser has long service life: the sustainable light 30million shots;

2.It’s use high peak power Laser: single bar power up to 100W / bar, the market single bar laser power generally 50W / bar-80W / bar。

3.It has efficient and stable cooling system. Laser cooling system with constant temperature cooling, to ensure that the entire system 7 * 24 hours of continuous work. Air-cooled+water-cooled way commonly .

4.Portable Diode laser 808nm Hair Removal Machine use of contact sapphire cooling system, efficient cooling conduction efficiency, make comfortable treatment

5.This machine use intelligent water temperature control system: Avoid water temperature is too high, damage the handle.

6. Small and powerful desktop semiconductor hair removal device is more suitable for transportation and carrying


It has a good effect on lip hair, limb hair, armpit hair, facial hair, and other body hair.


Technical Parameters

laser type:

semiconductor laser

Laser wavelength:


Working frequency:

1--10Hz adjustable

Spot size:


Laser power:


Input power:


Operating language:

Nine languages

Output mode:

pulse output


8-inch true color touch screen


ABS plastic + metal 

Supply voltage:

 220V / 110V

Handle temperature:


Cooling system:

semiconductor refrigeration+water+air cooling constant temperature cooling

Treatment effect


Operation Screen of the Portable Diode laser 808nm Hair Removal Machine:


Operation handle:


Payment, shipping and delivery

Payment:bank transfer、T/T

Shipping:We will using DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX shipping Portable Diode laser 808nm Hair Removal Machine to your office after received your payment.

Delivery: around 7-9working days can be arrived your office.


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