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Body Limming Machine Treatment Head Introducce
Mar 05, 2019

Project Name: Body limming machine treatment head introducce

Project time : March 4. 2019

Project location:  Mescien company

Project introduction: This is our body slimming machine treatment head introduce . You can know more about our machine throught this video and new  .

Machine treatment head introduce video :

Functional principle of the Body Slimming Machine

1. High-intensity focused acoustic head of the Body Slimming Machine

Body Slimming Machine use of 4000HZ strong sound waves, high-speed vibration of fat cells, have a strong impact on adipocytes. The triglycerides in fat cells are broken down into glycerol and free fatty acids, resulting in the decomposition of adipocytes, thus achieving the effect of losing weight. Body Slimming Machine and High intensity focused ultrasound only acts on adipocytes, and has no effect on other cells and organs of human body.


2.DDS Magnetic energy therapy brush of the Body Slimming Machine

DDS magnetic treatment brush of the Body Slimming Machine can effectively mediate biological electric field and metabolism, increase the activity of lactate dehydrogenase in human body, thoroughly mediate human endocrine and accelerate the metabolism of human energy. So as to achieve weight loss and adjust the function of the body.


3. Magnetic vibration head of the Body Slimming Machine

Magnetic vibration head of the Body Slimming Machine can penetrate the barrier of epidermal basal melanocytes to heat the collagen fibers of the dermis to 55-65 degrees centigrade, constriction the collagen fibers and tighten the skin of the wrinkled parts, and the heat effect makes the collagen proliferate. The newly born collagen is rearranged and increased in quantity to repair the damaged collagen layer, thus reducing the length and width of the wrinkles and achieving the purpose of eliminating wrinkles.


4.RF negative pressure row acid head of the Body Slimming Machine       

RF negative pressure row acid head of the Body Slimming Machine uses the dermal collagen fiber at 55-70 degrees centigrade to produce contraction immediately, so as to enhance skin and promote collagen regeneration. It also stimulates the regeneration of new collagen fibers from the dermis, thereby restoring skin elasticity again.


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