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HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine Operation Video
Jan 02, 2019

Project Name:

Project Name: HIFU vaginal Tightening machine operation video

Project time : January 2, 2019

Project location:  Mescien factory

Project introductionThis is HIFU vaginal Tightening machine treatment head working video. Please have a see. Hope can help you know more about our machine. 

HIFU face treatment head video:

HIFU vaginal Tightening treatment head video:


Product introduction of the vaginal Tightening machine

Private hifu skin rejuvenation machine combines a traditional facial HIFU skin rejuvenation instrument with a private HIFU instrument. A machine can perform a variety of treatments, which not only reduces facial wrinkles, but also shrinks the vagina, allowing the patient's face and body to return to youth at the same time. It is very convenient to operate, does not cause any harm to the patient's body, and has a short recovery period.

Advantages of the  vaginal Tightening machine:


1. High safety Professional and experienced experts in clinical operation testing to ensure safe and smooth treatment

2. The whole process is painless. The safe and gentle laser treatment method has no pain and discomfort throughout the whole process.

3. Convenient treatment The entire treatment process only takes 20-30 minutes, no need to be hospitalized, that is, treatment is to go

4. No side effects The safety index of the whole process is high, the harm is almost zero, and it does not affect the normal birth of sexual life in the future.

5. Its treatment process does not require anesthesia, no pain, and the patient feels more comfortable.

6. It is currently the simplest and most effective vaginal repair treatment.



If you want know more about our machine , please see this website : www.ms-laser.com  or contact this whatsapp : +86 156 7023 3721


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