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ND-YAG Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Introducce
Mar 12, 2019

Project Name: ND-YAG laser tattoo removal treatment introducce

Project time : March 12. 2019

Project location:  Mescien company

Project introduction: This is our ND-YAG laser tattoo removal treatment  introduce . You can know more about our machine throught this video and new  .


Machine treatment head introduce video : 

Application of the ND-YAG laser tattoo removal

1. Laser 532nm treatment head: adjustable 1-10HZ treatment frequency, suitable for treating color, red, brown, blue tattoos and eyeliner and lip line.

2. Laser 1064nm treatment head: Black, dark tattoo and eyeliner can be removed.

3.1320nm treatment head: black face doll, pore clean, laser skin rejuvenation treatment.

4.755nm treatment head: facial yellow. Removes spots, acne marks, freckles, chloasma, age spots, dry spots, dermal spots and other black precipitates.

Operational precautions of picosure laser machine:

1. After laser irradiation, the skin will appear red and swollen, subcutaneous exudation and inflammation, the treatment site will be frozen after surgery, and ointment will be used to prevent burns and scars.

2. The treatment site should be kept clean and dry after treatment to avoid infection.

3. After treating scars, they should be allowed to fall off on their own to prevent artificial cutting of scars.

4. It is forbidden to repeatedly illuminate the same part repeatedly during treatment, otherwise the tissue will be damaged due to heat accumulation.

Postoperative notes of picosure laser machine :

1. Take sunscreen measures within 3 months.

2. Within one month

3. During facial scarring. Do not rinse with water. Use a cotton swab to clean water or saline. Do not use facial cleanser. After naturally falling off, the skin will appear pink. Pay attention to cleaning and moisturizing. Moisturizing mask, preferably with a medical mask

Specifications of the ND-YAG laser tattoo removal

Laser Type:

ND:YAG Solid Laser

Laser Wavelength:


Working frequency:

1--10Hz    (Adjustable)

Pulse Width:



10.4-inch true color touch screen

Shell material:

ABS plastic + metal

Imput Power:




Supply voltage:

AC220V;AC110V(Customized)of   the ND-YAG laser tattoo removal

If you want know more , please see this website : www.ms-laser.com  or contact this whatsapp : +86 156 7023 3721


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