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Omega Light Machine Introduction
Jan 07, 2019

Project Name: Omega light machine introduction

Project time : January 7, 2019

Project location:  Mescien factory

Project introductionOmega light machine is constituted by 287 kinds of special medical SLD, applicable for wound healing in the beginning, and acne treatment, skin beauty, post-operation recovery, hair regrowth recently. Omega light machine included four wavelengths are corresponding to four colors, 640nm for red, 423nm blue, 532nm green and 583nm yellow.



Advantages of the Omega light machine

1. Omega light machine designed to be portable and can be carried and transported according to the needs of patients.

2.Omega light machine with unique 4 and 1 light, you can solve skin problems comprehensively.

3. Omega light machine’s treatment is very safe, and pregnant women and allergic patients can also be used.

4. It’s treatment is painless throughout the entire process and does not affect the normal work and life of the patient.

5.It’s not only improves facial acne, blackheads, acne, acne marks, but also improves overall skin quality.

6.It has a short treatment time and can be completed without drugs.

Treatment range of the Omega light machine:




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If you want know more about our machine , please see this website : www.ms-laser.com  or contact this whatsapp : +86 156 7023 3721


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