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Picosecond Laser

With the development of technology, people have developed many new beauty technologies. For example: picosure laser machine, HIFU skin rejuvenation. Can help you return to youth.
  • Vaginal HIFU Machine

    Vaginal HIFU machine adopts the latest technology focused ultrasound therapy technology. It has two automatic and semi-automatic treatment modes, and the ultrasound focuses on the re-lesion tissue layer for precise treatment.

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  • Picosecond Laser Machine

    Picosecond Laser Machine is a high-end laser instrument that uses the world's most advanced cellular laser technology, in which specific wavelengths are emitted in tera-billionths of a second and are absorbed by the melanin in the skin to achieve ecchymosis, tattoos, and...

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  • HIFU Rejuvenation Equipment

    The full name of HIFU is high-intensity focused ultrasound, which is the latest ultrasonic treatment technology. HIFU rejuvenation equipment with highly concentrated ultrasound, precise focus is applied to the target area for heating.

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  • Private Hifu Skin Rejuvenation Machine

    Private hifu skin rejuvenation machine combines a traditional facial HIFU skin rejuvenation instrument with a private HIFU instrument. A machine can perform a variety of treatments, which not only reduces facial wrinkles, but also shrinks the vagina, allowing the patient's...

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  • PicoSure Laser Machine

    PicoSure Laser Machine uses ultra-short pulses (one hundred thousandth of a second in length) to impact melanin in the skin with great pressure, and the melanin breaks into tiny dusty particles.

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We are professional picosecond laser manufacturers and suppliers, and our products are widely applied by individuals, dermatologists and spas. Please feel free to buy high quality picosecond laser at competitive price from our factory.
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