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Skin Rejuvenation Machine

With the improvement of people's living and consumption levels, more and more people are paying attention to their facial care. These skin rejuvenation machine can help people achieve facial beauty.
  • Blood Vessels Removal

    The micro-frequency high-frequency electric flash is used to generate an ultra-high frequency electromagnetic oscillation of 30 million Hz. The electromagnetic microcurrent effectively blocks the expanding capillaries.

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  • H2+O2 Small Bubble Machine

    The H2+O2 small bubble machine forms a vacuum circuit through vacuum negative pressure, fully combines ultra-micro bubbles and nutrient solution, and directly acts on the skin through a specially designed small spiral washing head.

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  • Omega Light Machine

    Omega light machine is constituted by 287 kinds of special medical SLD, applicable for wound healing in the beginning, and acne treatment, skin beauty, post-operation recovery, hair regrowth recently. The four wavelengths are corresponding to four colors, 640nm for red, 423nm...

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  • Microdermabrasion Machine

    Microdermabrasion machine is a comprehensive facial treatment instrument, which first cleans the facial skin with a head, then opens the skin pores with a hot hammer and cold hammer, then introduces the cosmetic with the ultrasonic treatment head, and finally uses the cold...

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  • Skin Scrubber Machine

    Skin scrubber machine is a portable, household skin cleansing device that helps patients deepen pores, clear sweat glands, and clear the stratum corneum. The treatment is very convenient and can be used for a long time.

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  • Shock Wave Machine

    shock wave machine is a mechanical pulsed pressure wave that is conducted through a physical medium (air or gas). The machine converts pneumatically generated pulsed sound waves into more accurate ballistic shock waves. By positioning and moving the treatment probe, it can...

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  • Shock Wave Equipment

    shock wave equipment is specially developed for skeletal muscle pain and difficult musculoskeletal diseases. It is the mainstream pneumatic ballistic shock wave on the market.

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We are professional skin rejuvenation machine manufacturers and suppliers, and our products are widely applied by individuals, dermatologists and spas. Please feel free to buy high quality skin rejuvenation machine at competitive price from our factory.
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