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Blood Vessels Removal

The micro-frequency high-frequency electric flash is used to generate an ultra-high frequency electromagnetic oscillation of 30 million Hz. The electromagnetic microcurrent effectively blocks the expanding capillaries....

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Operating principle of Blood vessels removal:

300 million Hz high frequency vibration

The micro-frequency high-frequency electric flash is used to generate an ultra-high frequency electromagnetic oscillation of 30 million Hz. The electromagnetic microcurrent effectively blocks the expanding capillaries.

Vascular removal machine hemoglobin is crushed in 1/1000 second time, and the released energy is transmitted below the surface of the skin, so that the red blood cell loses the nutrient supply, thereby becoming white and thinning until it is eliminated. In order to achieve the immediate effect of removing red blood.

Eliminate red blood :

1. By removing the diseased capillaries and crushing the hemoglobin in the blood vessels to convert them into small clusters. Thereby absorbed by the skin tissue itself.

2. Using micro-point high-frequency electric flash to generate 30 million Hz ultra-high frequency electromagnetic oscillation with exclusive soft silk to block red blood.

Applications of the Blood vessels removal:

1. Vascular lesions: removal of red blood cells, telangiectasia, cherry hemangioma in various parts of the body:

2. Benign proliferative lesions: remove skin hyperplasia tissue, millet rash, flat wart, border sputum, mixed sputum, fat granules and other skin growth organisms;

3. Pigmented lesions: remove spots, age spots, sunburn and other pigmentation.





Specification of red blood removal machine :


high frequency electromagnetic oscillation







Gear position:  

  17 files

Power   Specification



Advantage of red blood removal machine :

1.Vascular removal machine Easy to operate, no professional tutorials required.

2. Vascular removal machine effect is obvious, and the operation has obvious effect once.

3. No side effects, slight scarring and no trace after treatment.

4. Zero risk, no need to acupuncture the skin, no obvious wounds.

5. 30 million Hz ultra-high audio, 1/1000 second action time, painless and comfortable.

6. The entire treatment process is carried out on the surface of the skin and is absolutely safe.

Instructions of red blood removal machine :

1. Clean the face, dry and apply anesthesia, wait 10-15 minutes for treatment.

2. Install the foot pedal to treat the head. The pedal cannot be released during operation. If the pedal is not operated, there is no effect.


3. Click the start button to start the operation and the instrument enters the working state.

4. Under normal circumstances, the treatment operation, the energy file uses the tenth grid for treatment. If the red blood is deeper and thicker, it can be adjusted according to the patient's condition.

5. Operational focus: The tip of the needle stays on the red bloodline for 2-3 seconds, and the effect is best at the head or tail of the red blood. A whole piece of facial skin redness can not be removed, only red blood can be removed.

6. Apply the repair product after the operation. (It is recommended to buy a good quality facial repair product, such as a product that protects the stratum corneum or a facial repair care product.)

7. The anesthetic can be cleaned. If you want to clean it, wipe it off with a clean paper towel or a cotton pad. Do not wash.

What is red blood?

Red blood is a phenomenon caused by poor capillary expansion of the skin surface, damage to the stratum corneum or partial shallow capillary position.


Will it recur after red blood treatment?

Most of the reason for the formation of red blood cells is because the stratum corneum is thin, instrumental treatment can only remove red blood cells, and can not repair the thinning stratum corneum. After using the instrument to remove red blood cells, care should be taken to protect the skin from thinning the stratum corneum. This red bloodshot symptom will not recur, with the use of stratum corneum repair products, the effect will be better.

Precautions of vascular removal machine:

1. The needle used for treatment is disposable. It is recommended that a patient use a needle to prevent infection. It can also be used after it has been completely disinfected. The instrument comes standard with 10 needles.

2. Pay attention to facial hygiene after the end of the operation, do not touch the water within 12-24 hours. Do not use cosmetics for 48 hours. (Moderate skin care products can be used in moderation.)

3. Pay attention to diet. Try not to eat dark-skinned foods such as soy sauce.

4. The light red blood can be removed at one time. The color is darker, thicker or the deep red blood of the skin needs to be operated several times. Each operation is separated by 10 days.

Payment、shipping and delivery of the vascular removal machine:

Payment:bank transferT/T

Shipping:We will using DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX shipping 980 nm removal red blood to your office after received your payment.

Delivery: around 7-9 working days the vascular removal machine can be arrived your office.


FAQ of the 980 nm removal red blood machine:


Q:What's your after-sale service?

A:We supply one year after-sales service and always provide after-sales support of the 980 nm removal red blood

Q:How do I operate the vascular removal machine?

A:All of our machine is very easy operate,we will supply the operation manual ,you can according the operation manual to operate.If you need more help, we also can using video call to communicate.

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